Hooking Up, Friends, and the Beauty of Life.

11 Apr

Can we talk about hooking up? So there’s a ton of interpretations as to what “hooking up” actually means, but that’s definitely a conversation for a later time. What I’m most concerned about is the whole idea of hooking up with a friend and what that means for the friendship…

I think (and this is just my opinion) that expectations are key. Key to what? I’m not even exactly sure. I mean, if both parties are okay with it and know what they want out of it, then is there any harm in it?

The level of importance that we place on any kind of sexual or intimate contact is so intriguing. Sex is a basic human instinct. It’s natural. But yet, anything relating to it is made into this crazy huge deal. And I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, but I’ve definitely been socialized in such a way that it’s something that you should do with someone you’re in love with. But does that mean that if you just have these desires you want fulfilled it’s wrong to seek out pleasure? I just can’t imagine doing that for other basic human needs. Ya know, like eating.

took this picture yesterday while walking around the mall. beautiful.

So anyway, that brings me back to the question of hooking up with a friends and the impact on said friendship.  Let’s say two friends are attracted to one another, they’re kind of into each other,  but for one reason or another, a relationship is out of the question. The two friends hook up, then go on with the rest of their daily lives.  What does that mean? Does it even have to mean anything? Are we (read: am I) so obsessed with finding meaning in every little thing that sometimes we place too much weight on something so basic that we miss the real beauty of it?

I think there’s power in the things that we take for granted and in the things that we assign a ridiculous amount of meaning to.  Whether it’s beauty in something that you see everyday, something that’s accessible but you rarely take the time to appreciate it, or something that may only ever happen once…it happened. It’s there. It exists. And in one way or another, it had an impact on your life and shaped you in some way. And it’s beautiful.

This post was brought to you by Dawn, who is confused a lot and would love your opinions on hooking up, friends, and life in general.


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