Modern-Day Objects

7 Apr

I often spend my days perusing the Internets searching for interesting websites to distract me from the mundane routine that is my job. I appreciate Huffington Post’s feature “7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Your Time on Right Now.” Last week, they featured this gem, I Always Wondered—which the creator describes as an ADD project equipped with wonderful graphics.

He poses this question, What modern day item could you take back in time that would make ancient peoples believe you were a god?

f you could travel back in time (sidebar: you can’t), and take with you one modern-day item, what item would you take in order to make the people you might encounter during, say, the renaissance, believe you were God.
Please remember, the people in power during this time were fickle. Heads were rolling left and right. Literally. A stranger coming into their land, wearing strange clothes, and speaking in a strange tongue, telling them not to eat where the rats poop because of the teeny tiny germs that will make them sick is a good way to end up on burning at the stake, thrown into a cold dark asylum, or beheaded. Bringing a printed version of Wikipedia, could help propel yourself into the top ranks of the Kingdom, you could do some good things, but ultimately, at some point, you will be expendable. Your goal is to become a god in the eyes of ALL of the people. This is the only way to ensure that your head will stay firmly attached to your neck.”

Given that electronic devices would only last a few hours before requiring a charge, this makes for an interesting discussion. After much thoughtful consideration, I propose that I would bring a Magic 8 ball. I imagine medieval villagers gathered around me as I ask the ball, “Am I your God?” and they would be fascinated by the reply “As I see it, yes.” The only problem with this would be if I got the answer “Very doubtful.” I would have to explain to them that obvi it is 2 out of 3.

So, what item would you take with you?

Sidenote, for your enjoyment here are other time wasting sites… Too Big for a Stroller, Celine Dion looking like a fool, Surfing Tigers, and my personal fav Human Pizza Pies.

This post is brought to by Laura, who always shakes an 8-ball 3 times before a decision.


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