Dems Name First Lady Leader

6 Apr

Yesterday, President Obama tapped US. Rep. Debbie Waserman Schultz (D-Fla) to be the new head of the Democratic National Committee. Schultz will take the helm as the 52nd chairwoman of the party, and will be the FIRST woman to hold the position…for either party. What took the party so long to name a woman to lead them is beyond me, but Schultz, or as she is so often called, ‘DWS,’ is a smart choice.

DWS, 44, mother of three, is an absolute ace on TV, an incredibly successful and talented fundraiser, and just so happens to hail from a swing state with 29 electoral votes that will be crucial in the 2012 election cycle. She’s no newbie to leadership in the democratic ranks either, as she’s previously served as the Vice-Chair of both the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

A fiery and devout liberal who’s fawned and adored by the left of the party, DWS is a fresh face that’s a sure bet to energize the base. She succeeds the outgoing DNC Chariman, Tim Kaine, who announced earlier today that he will run for Senate in Virginia.

This post is brought to you by Tyrone, who lives in a lady lions’ den.

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