Barefoot for a cause

6 Apr

Hi there,

It’s your resident do-gooder here!

Yesterday was a great day (and not just because the DNC elected its first female chair ever!).

April 5 was awesome because I walked in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of TOMS supporters, and more importantly, the millions of children who have no choice but to walk, run, fetch water and live their lives barefoot everyday.

Yeah, I got some looks as I stepped off the bus this morning barefoot onto the D.C. streets littered with cherry blossom petals. And it was raining.  And of course, a couple questions from coworkers, but they’re used to me doing things like sleeping outside the State Department in 10-degree weather, so this was to be expected.

But seriously, one day to walk barefoot really isn’t that bad. Come summer, I’m barefoot practically all the time anyway, and my feet can’t wait to breathe after being cooped up all winter in boots. But I digress.

Barefoot for one day. I didn’t have to walk around with open sores on my feet, at risk for infection. I didn’t have to walk through yards of sewage to fetch fresh water.

Children die every day from diseases that could be easily prevented by just one pair of shoes.

How can you help, you ask? Well of course, I have an answer. SPEND MONEY! That’s right. Boost our shitty economy AND save the world all at the same time.

Buy a new pair of TOMS and a pair will be sent to a child that needs them.

Yes, you just read that.

No, it’s not some sort of sale.

TOMS does this ALL the time. The ‘One for One’ model is based on creating philanthropic consumers. You don’t need to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist, people! Just make a conscious consumer choice. You need shoes, right? Why not support a company that fulfils your need in addition to satisfying the need of another. It’s that simple.

My whole family went barefoot yesterday and to celebrate, we’re buying new TOMS, Size 11T, 9W & 12W (yep, we’ve got some big ass feet).  (Ed. Note – What about us? Size 9 and 8, please.)

So lets recap. I walked a couple blocks in D.C., the rain helping to wash the accumulated dirt off my feet, to raise awareness and remind people that they can change a child’s life. You can be that person by buying a pair of TOMS.

I don’t have the ability to lay on guilt as thick as a Jewish or Catholic mom, but now that you’ve been told, you should do your part. And be sure to go one day without shoes next year.

Or else.

This post brought to you by Maureen.


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