On Hump Day, Come Out for Health

30 Mar

Oh hey, it’s Hump Day! It’s my fourth favorite day of the week (after Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.) But really, Wednesdays are great.  And this particular Wednesday  lands us smack dab in the middle of LGBT Health Awareness Week!

“This year’s campaign is a chance for all of us to learn more about how we, as a community, support the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our   families, friends and neighbors. The National Coalition for LGBT Health calls on policy makers and healthcare providers to address to needs of LGBT individuals and families not only this week, but everyweek,” says Hutson W. Inniss, Executive Director of the National Coalition for LGBT  Health, who organizes the annual week of action and education.

The theme for the week is “Come Out for Health,” which seeks to get a dialogue started between the LGBT community, healthcare providers and policy  makers that addresses the challenges that LGBT people face in trying to stay healthy, and how to encourage and promote access to health care. It comes right in time to celebrate the first anniversary of the passing of the Affordable Care Act. The  coalition has put together lots of handy fact sheets to facilitate the discussion, including suggestions of what you can do to take part!

  • Ask your state and national representative to sign A Commitment to LGBT Health
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, an op-ed or a blog post, or a letter to your representative to share your story and educate readers about the importance of LGBT health and LGBT Health Awareness Week
  • Host an open house for LGBT youth or seniors at your local community health center
  • Host an event celebrating LGBT Health Awareness Week in your community and invite co-sponsorship from LGBT organizations and progressive health orgs like Raising Women’s Voices for the Healthcare We Need

Some people have an issue with dedicating weeks or months to specific causes, like Women’s History Month, because they think that these issues should be discussed every day of the year, which is probably true (except things like National Snowman Burning Day). But I think these are important days to strike up a conversation about these really important issues like mental, physical and sexual health. Maybe all it takes is a little self-education. Maybe you just need to ask a queer chick.

Either way, you should probably listen to this really great playlist because its totally bangin’ – which is totally appropriate for Hump Day.

This post brought to you by Tara, who loves the Q.

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