A shitty reminder of why we’re feminists

29 Mar

If you haven’t seen it yet, the New York Times has published a follow-up article on the Texas gang-rape story. We posted shortly after the story broke and will be writing our own follow-up soon, after we’ve talked through our reactions—emotional, logical, practical.  Until then, we’d like to share one of our writer’s initial thoughts…. 

if i can rant a little here?  this story exemplifies so much of what i think feminism can sometimes miss, because feminism is alive in people who are conscious of it. but in a town like that one, in towns all over america, and in countries all over the word, no one knows what feminism is. women aren’t empowered. women are powerless, against almost everything — sex, how they spend their time, where they can go, who they can see, what they can have. they are someone’s property. and that is such a hard concept to break free of, even if someone is there to point out your power.

having been removed from my own hometown, where i think this lack of power runs rampant, i find it too easy to forget that this is why i am a feminist. i mean, i feel so empowered with all my lady friends and my AAUW talking points and my inches-high soap box. so its hard to remember that more than anything, im not fighting for my own 23 cents on the dollar (aka the wage gap). im fighting for the six-grade girl in bumblefuck America who does not yet know that she has power, and im fighting to find a way to show her that power, and to tell those around her to get the fuck off of her so she can stand up.

OK. done ranting. lets keep fighting, ladies. these biddies need our support.

2 Responses to “A shitty reminder of why we’re feminists”

  1. Maureen March 29, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Reading about the long list of men with past charges and felonies made me want to throw up. WHY are they on our fucking streets to begin with.

    My heart has shattered. At a time when this little girl needs her parents the most, she has been taken away from them and they need to attend family therapy in order to regain custody?

    There are times when I hate our country and our broken system. There are also times when I want to be a brutal dictator and enforce a decree where the dicks of rapists are cut off, abusive parents are sterilized, and those who commit crimes against humanity are pushed off a cliff.

    This is one of those times…..

  2. RL March 29, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    a great take on the culture surrounding this event


    “We jokingly say things like, “I just took a rape shower,” or “My boss totally just raped me over my request for a raise.” We have appropriated the language of rape for all manner of violations, great and small. It is not a stretch to imagine why James McKinley Jr. is more concerned about the eighteen men than one girl.”

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