In case he didn’t pull out in time…

28 Mar


…then consider using emergency contraception.

Still not convinced? Here are some other fucking awesome reasons to use emergency contraceptives:

1 — “Because if you don’t remember his last name, you probably didn’t remember to use a fucking condom.”
2 — “You’re making a run to Walgreens for Advil and Gatorade anyway.”
3 — “Getting pregnant after you didn’t even get off would be the fucking cherry on top.”
4 — “It’s easier to ask a pharmacist about emergency contraception than to deal with the fucking harassers outside the abortion clinic.”

This last one is super applicable because I walk past the crazy lady reading the Bible in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic every day. [Ed. Note – not every crazy person reads the Bible, and not every Bible reader is crazy.]

I could go on listing them, but really just go read them for yourself. Also, I feel obligated to tell you that the comedy comes from Back Up Your Birth Control,” which took its cue from the whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar website and others that surfaced a few months ago. Also, BUYBC is, according to its website:

a national campaign committed to raising awareness of and expanding access to emergency contraception (EC). While significant progress has been made to expand access, there’s still work to be done. You can help spread the word about EC by taking part in the National Day of Action on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


This post is brought to you by Laura, who speaks from experience…


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