Talk to Me Now

27 Mar

The daughter of a folk artist, I’ve always liked Ani DiFranco. In high school I sang along to her self-entitled album and burned a copy for my dad. He commented that it was “woman-centric,” to which I replied that I hadn’t noticed.

But not too long ago, Ani’s track “Talk to Me” came on shuffle on my iPod and I couldn’t help myself from putting it on repeat. It meant a lot more to me now as a self-proclaimed “city-dweller” than it did in my pre-college years when I first took a listen.

“In this city self preservation is a full time occupation.”

It sure is. That’s the reason I had to think twice about moving into my Columbia Heights townhome, the reason I carry mace in my coatpocket. My male counterparts laugh when I tell them I looked up the crime statistics for my block – something that would never cross their minds. Because they don’t have to consider whether the sound of their heels clacking against the sidewalk screams vulnerability. Or whether their decision to wear pants or a skirt might have any correlation to the number of catcalls they’ll have to ignore.

“Don’t you understand? In the day to day and the face to face I have to act just as strong as I am. Just a prison of the place where I can be who I am.”

This post is brought to you by Kelsey, the knower of all women trends.

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