Talk to strangers: And other ways to have a reckless weekend

25 Mar

Tara: what do you want to do tonight?

i think we should talk to some strangers

Rachel: be a little reckless?

Tara: totally reckless

well, mostly reckless

haa we might ahve to draw a line SOMEWHERE

Rachel: but! theres always the chance we’ll be too drunk to draw a line

or there will be no chalk /i have no chalk right now

so lets just not draw lines and go all out weekend fun

Tara: okkkk you’ve talked me into it

This post is brought to you by the weekend, which, unlike your 5th grade D.A.R.E. class, endorses chatting up strangers.

2 Responses to “Talk to strangers: And other ways to have a reckless weekend”


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