Happy World Water Day

22 Mar

Did you walk miles for the water you brushed your teeth with, showered in, or cooked with? Or did you just turn on the faucet without a thought?

In one day, over 200 million hours of women’s time is spent collecting water. That’s because in most developing countries, women and girls carry the burden of collecting water for their family or village. They may have to walk several miles to the water source, which is valuable time they could be spending going to school or working.

Take the time today to think about where your water is coming from, and how many miles a young girl might have to walk to collect enough water for your 15- minute shower. You don’t need to guilt trip yourself — just be thankful and aware.

Also — check out these outstanding organizations working to provide worldwide access to clean water. Follow the discussion with activists on Twitter with the #WorldWaterDay hashtag.

This post is brought to you by Laura, our international expert.

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