Lady Responsibility #1: Make Babies

16 Mar

Listen up ladies.

It’s recently come to my attention, with all this choice, anti-choice fever going around, that you may not have read the list of Lady Responsibilities that we, as humans with vaginas, naturally have.

Responsibility # 1 — Make babies happen.

Responsibility  #2 – 12 — See Responsibility #1.

Before you break into an emotional tantrum (duh, that’s what ladies do), let me explain. As ladies, we (usually)  have vaginae/other baby-making equipment, therefore we must make babies. Always.  This is Perfect Logic. And I don’t want any excuses, even if you’re a lady who only loves ladies, or maybe you’re a lady who can’t support a baby because you aren’t healthy or don’t have any money, or maybe you’re a lady who will be ostracized by your family if you have a baby – this does not matter. You better be making some babies, or else.

I’ve got Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) backing me up on this. Last night she made a historical speech in Congress, in which she reminded us all that personal choice, personal situation, personal anything does. not. matter.

And it is the women who have the responsibility to make sure that that baby is born. Unfortunately, our courts — over 33 years ago — decided to change that and said that women had the right to end that life. But Mr. Speaker, we don’t have that right. It is our responsibility to bear those children.

So there you have it, folks. No rights, just responsibilities. That’s the lady way. Now, I’ve got a job to do….

This post is brought to you by Rachel (hat tip to Political Correction).

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