8 Feb

I am too pissed off to say much about Phyllis Schlafly’s essay entitled “Feminists’ whines: Back with a vengeance.”

Suffice it to say that the piece is at best misinformed and at worst a horrible, stereotype-ridden attack on feminists. Here’s a taste:

Picturing women as the victims of mean men is the engine of feminism. The feminists’ legislative agenda – from unilateral divorce in the 1960s, to the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, to taxpayer-financed day care in the 1980s, to the Violence Against Women Act in the 1990s, to the Paycheck Fairness Act in the 2000s – is always wrapped in whines about alleged discrimination.

Feminist dogma decrees that women can never be successful under our oppressive patriarchy. Feminists complain that Hillary Clinton was denied the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 because of (in Gloria Steinem’s words) “profound sexism,” and feminists never honor genuinely successful women such as Margaret Thatcher or Condoleezza Rice.



More coherent thoughts coming soon. Stay tuned.

This post is brought to you by Rachel.

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