Doritos bring your pepaw back to life, and other thoughts on Super Bowl ads

7 Feb

Today, water cooler chatter in offices around the country started off the same way for most people, “So how about that game last night?” followed by “Did you see that commercial? You know, that one!”

Now that the “World Champions” of football have been determined, (don’t even get me started on why they are called “World” champions when only teams from the U.S. compete) the focus is on which commercials finished first with viewers.

USA Today released its 23rd annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, ranking the top 61 commercials based on viewer responses.  This year, there was a tie for first place. Bud Light and Doritos scored highest with the viewers, featuring dogs behaving like humans. The commercials that scored the lowest ratings were most of the rather sexist ads (Pepsi Max being a disappointing exception). received the second lowest ratings (behind Hyundai) and failed to draw viewers to their site with implied nudism. In this case, sex didn’t sell, even with the trifecta of Jillian Michaels, Danica Patrick and Joan Rivers. Kim Kardashian’s sexy Skechers ad also failed to impress viewers, coming in at 48 on the list. Not only are Skechers some fugly shoes, but who isn’t tired of Kim Kardashian’s ass showing up everywhere? On behalf of half the country, we thank you, viewers, for being awesome.

Moving on — Stella Artois attempted to appeal to women by featuring Adrien Brody serenading a glass of Stella. I guess viewers don’t want to watch women crying over a man for a minute, because the ad came in at 57 on the list, right behind the tasteless GoDaddy ads.

Recent trends have been calling out traditional gender stereotypes, like this Chevy Camaro ad that (maybe?) critiques the advertising industry. Of course, as some companies move forward to break down traditional gender roles, others like Pepsi Co. continue to enforce gender roles.

On an unrelated note, this lady only enjoyed the Super Bowl because it marked the END of football season and the beginning of baseball season (Go Phils!).

In case you didn’t get your fill of ads, check out this hilarious blog featuring commercials featuring bad ass animals.

This post is brought to you by Laura.


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