The Texts of a Creeper

19 Jan

Whether it takes you back to fond memories of idiotic texts from that special someone who can’t take the hint (even after you’ve stopped giving one), or it simply reminds you of, ahem, yourself, the tumblr Creepers Who Text has many high-larious gems, including:

Male Creeper 3:59 AM: Why won’t you answer my calls? Are you cheating on me?

Me 4:07 AM: Um, we don’t date. We have never even kissed. I’ve only met you twice.



Female Creeper 12:49am: What do I have to do for you to answer my call, knock at your door??!?!?

Me 12:51am: This is Jeff, Coreys new boyfriend.


And, my personal favorite:

Male Creeper 11:13AM: *number* has tried to contact you (auto missed call text)

Me 11:13AM: Who is this?

Male Creeper 11:14AM: *number* contacted you 4 times (auto missed call text)

Me: (no response)

Male Creeper 11:15AM: Peter (ex boyfriend)

Me: (no response)

Male Creeper 11:18AM: You know me

Me: (no response)

Male Creeper 11:19AM: Fook

Me: (no response)

Male Creeper 11:20AM: Your the last person I wanted to call


Happy Reading!

This post is brought to you by Rachel.

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