Tomatoes & Other Things

17 Dec

I’m Dawn. (Or FeistyFeminist1 if you follow me on Twitter.) But really, I’m Dawn.

When people ask me about myself, one of the first words I say is “feminist.” I tell them I’m compassionate and opinionated, but feminist pops out of my mouth pretty quickly.

So, why am I a feminist? How did I come to be this way? I don’t have a specific moment when a light bulb went off and I knew I was all about gender equality. In fact, I didn’t refer to myself as a feminist until my freshman year of college. But I’ve always believed that women and men were equal.

It was definitely my four years at McDaniel College & my involvement in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues that opened my eyes and allowed me to embrace the part of myself that is committed to stopping mindless violence against women and girls across the world.

But wait — let me tell you the three key words in that last bit: part of myself. That’s right, there’s more to me than just my feministy self. I might have been referred to as “the vagina girl” during my senior year of college (it’s what happens when you direct a show about vaginas at a small school), but there’s a lot more to me than that.

I majored in Women’s Studies. Big surprise. BUT I also majored in Art History and love modern & contemporary art especially. And cool shit like this:

So, things that I like, sans feminism. Green is the best color ever. (Who doesn’t love Kermit the Frog?) Fo realz. And I could listen to Muse all day, everyday. I’m also a huge fan of giraffes (although it has been suggested that my admiration for them stems from the fact that they’re super tall and I’m only 5’1’’). Whatevs.

I’m also an Army brat and the military lifestyle has definitely shaped a lot of my views, allowed me to experience a lot of different places, and bitten me with the travel bug. I’d love to go here.

I’m a twenty-something, millennial woman and I certainly feel pressure. A lot of it is self-imposed, but pressure nonetheless.

I want to be independent, but I want to know that I’m not alone, too. Some days, I want validation. Others, I’d love to engage in an intelligent debate and hear the other side. I want to talk. Explain. Question. Be engaged. Assert myself. And mostly, I want to explore ways that we can stop mislabeling ourselves and everything around us—or at least understand why we do it.

Because seriously, guys, tomatoes are fruits as much as we want to call them veggies.

This post is brought to you by Dawn.

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